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The #1 Reason Home Sales Fall Apart & How To Avoid This Tragic Mistake!


Has this ever happened to you, or someone you know?

You've listed your home for sale, and with some determination on your agent's part, you find a buyer who makes an offer on your home. To negotiate a mutually acceptable offer, you and your real estate agent determine your "acceptable bottom line" by calculating your selling costs.

The bottom line is the net amount you will walk away with from your sale. You and the buyer come to a mutual agreement and you think you can finally relax knowing your home is sold. Then, a few days later, the nightmare begins with a phone call from your agent informing you the buyer has scheduled to have a home inspection on your home.

The inspector will need to schedule several hours to turn your home inside out, so he can report everything that is not quite up to par, to the buyer. You discover that if problems are found and you refuse to fix them, the buyers can cancel their contract.

On the other hand, if you agree to fix and repair the home to make the buyer happy, you will probably give away a great deal of the money you thought you were going to net on the sale.

At every turn, more surprises. People are chipping away at the money you thought you had made on your home. Wouldn't it make better business sense to know in advance what all your costs are instead of finding out after you agree with the buyer on a price? Of course it does. That's simply a smarter way to sell!

When Kevin Shaner made his debut in Pittsburgh's real estate scene, he did so with a keen focus on enhancing the way buyers and sellers come together. The foresight Kevin exhibited in the industry along with the concepts he devised early on to accomplish the near impossible - they bring peace of mind and confidence to both sides of the table in the sometimes stressful real estate process.

As one of the nation's top real estate professionals, Kevin drew on his own experiences and expertise as the foundation for creating the one-of-a-kind, Kevin Shaner Premier Home.

So What Is A Kevin Shaner Premier Home?

At the core of our philosophy is the fact that home sellers and buyers benefit when they know what to expect "upfront" instead of "at closing." Simply stated, a Kevin Shaner Premier Home is the result of a typical resale home undergoing an intensive home inspection-which includes, but is not limited to, the physical condition of the home, a wood-destroying pest (i.e termite, etc.) and organisms inspection, and a review of the preliminary title and HOA information.

Important problem areas are identified, thereby allowing the home to be certified based on standards established by Kevin Shaner. This is all done before the home is placed on the market and before a listing price is established on your home. Once certified, the home's major systems-including, but not limited to, plumbing, electrical and appliances-are covered during the listing period to protect the seller for a covered breakdown. Once sold, the certified Kevin Shaner Premier Home is delivered to the buyer with a 12-month home protection plan. Again, no surprises!

Certified Homes Are Seller-Friendly Unlike ordinary resale homes, a Kevin Shaner Premier Home is simply the highest quality resale home on the market-guaranteed. And, if you're selling, that matters. Sellers enjoy the following benefits:

  • More money - buyers are willing to offer more because they know they're getting a quality home.

  • "Inspect first - "no surprises" sellers will keep the money they expected in their pockets.

  • Confidence & Knowledge - of your home's condition give you and Kevin's team the necessary conviction to ask for (and receive) top dollar for your home.

  • Competitive Edge - while your neighbors are trying to sell their standard used home in the typical way, you increase the chance of buyers competing for your certified Kevin Shaner Premier Home.

  • After Certification - your Kevin Shaner Premier Home comes with a guarantee that covers the cost of repairs needed during the listing/marketing process as well as 12 months after the sale*.

  • By identifying and correcting the home's problem areas before the sale, you can negotiate from a "position of strength."

A Better Investment For Buyers

  • Buyers win with the satisfaction of knowing the home has passed a rigorous inspection and covered components are guaranteed for 12 months, free of charge.

  • Each home has passed an intensive home inspection by Kevin's handpicked team.

  • Covered in the inspection are all major systems-including but not limited to, plumbing, electrical, and wood-destroying organisms (termites and fungus).

You can purchase a new home or a typical resale home, and take your chances. Or, you can buy a certified Kevin Shaner Premier Home and enjoy peace of mind:

Never A Compromise On Quality!

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That's why Kevin is so selective with the comprehensive details of his inspection and home protection plan. If an important system or appliance is not right, we want to know about it - plain and simple.

So, remember, if you want to net more from your home, make it worth more. Make it a certified Kevin Shaner Premier Home.

Peace Of Mind And Confidence - Priceless

The bottom line: With a Kevin Shaner Premier Home, whether you're a buyer or seller, you know we've minimized the surprises. That's priceless.

Call Kevin and his team today and get ready for a successful home sale or purchase tomorrow: You can reach us by simply filling out the form below!

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*certain restrictions apply

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