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Discover The Advantages of...  
Owning vs. Renting Within The Pittsburgh Real Estate Market!


Every year millions of people just like you enter the exciting world of homeownership. But buying a new home can be an overwhelming process. For most of us, it's one of the biggest financial investments we'll ever make. The decision is much easier and rewarding when you discover the financial advantages and increased quality of life that comes along with homeownership.

Using the chart below, you can wiegh the benefits of owning versus renting. Good, sensible information will free you from worrying about your big decision.

After a quick comparison, we think you'll agree that there's no place like a home of your own.


Owning Your Very Own Home.

Renting Someone Else's Investment.

Tax savings from your home and potential equity can be used towards savings, vacations, education, etc...
Your rent doesn't build a secure financial future for you and your family.

You are in control of your monthly payment.

Your landlord controls your monthly expense.

Your pets have a yard to play in.
Your pets are often unwelcome.

You can tend a beautiful garden.
You water a couple of potted plants weekly.

You can try the new designer painting technique in your bedroom.   
You are stuck living with someone else's taste.
You do laundry whenever you feel like it.
You may have to scrape together quaters each week and wait around wasting your valuable time waiting for a machine to become available.

Your children can play in your yard safely.   
Your children play in a parking lot.

Mortgage interest is tax deductible.   
Rent is not tax deductible and there are no tax advantages with renting.

Each mortgage payment goes towards building a nest egg for your family.
Each and every rent payment you make disappears forever.

You could have a garage.   
You search for parking in the street.

You have your own personal space for your family and all of your prize possessions.
Your children may have to share a room and your space is limited.

You have the pride of knowing that you've accomplished a milestone.
It's simply someone else's and not yours.

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