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Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Home Buyer FAQs...  
What Is A Buyers Agent... and Why Should You Use One?


AgentSold02.jpgA real estate "Buyer's Agent" represents the buyer who is purchasing property in a real estate transaction. The buyer's representative works for, and owes fiduciary responsibilities to, the real estate buyer and has the buyer's best interest in mind throughout the entire process.

What Are The Advantages Of Working With One Realtor® As A Buyer’s Agent? 

Most people wouldn’t even consider having two or three attorneys, working independently of one another, to represent them in a lawsuit. Nor would they want the same attorney who represents the prosecution representing them as the defendant.  

In the same manor, it is much better to secure the assistance of one knowledgeable and dedicated Realtor®, than to receive the disinterest of two, three, or a dozen. By working with one Realtor®, you can expect proper attention in finding what you are looking for. 

Why not get the service that is most likely to result in a satisfactory home purchase? 

A Realtor®, with whom you have established a mutually dedicated client relationship, will give you their time, attention and expertise to help you secure the property you want, and in a price range that you have selected and can afford. A thorough review of your requirements and proper screening of available properties will save you time and reduce the number of showings for you.

Some buyers feel that committing to work with one Realtor® may keep them from seeing property from another real estate company, or other sources. This is a "Big" misconception about real estate. A conscientious Realtor®, who is truly serving their clients needs, will allow other Realtors® to show properties listed with their firm, in the true spirit of cooperation and business ethics. As a result, about half of all Multiple Listing Service sales involve two different brokerage firms. As you can see, this means virtually anything on the market is available to you through the Realtor® you have selected.

The Realtor® you select wants to help you achieve your home purchase in the most effective and satisfactory manner. You should be willing to work with the Realtor® you have selected and give maximum cooperation in your efforts to find a new home of your choice! 

Won’t You Let Us Do Just That For You? 

Let us start your new home search efforts with one of the most dynamic, aggressive and innovative Realtors® that will pledge to work hard to service your purchase needs. 

Kevin Shaner at RE/MAX Realty Centre wants to assist you in your efforts. Please allow us to provide you with the most comprehensive, professional service available anywhere in the Pittsburgh Home Buyer Market! You can simply fill out the form below for your FREE In- Depth Buyer Consultation!


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