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Dear Future Homeowner,

There is a need among today's Home Buyer's for straight talk and sound advice on buying and selling real estate. Homeownership is a HUGE decision in most peoples's lives!

It's not just a tax shelter or even another investment!

It's the place we bring our dreams to life in flower gardens and family rooms, backyard barbecues and home-cooked Sunday dinners. It's the place we raise our children, the nest we nudge them out of and welcome them back to again and again. For many of us, its become our place of business as well thanks to computers and fax machines that have made the home office a reality.

So it's easy to see why buying a home is often an emotionally charged, potentially overwhelming process. And helping people through that process remains the single goal of all the services that we provide.

That's why a considerable amount of time and effort has been devoted to staying in touch with the needs and concerns of all of our clients and potential customers.

Naturally a great deal has been learned from the families that have been helped to move over the years. They have told us about their dreams and fears, their joys and frustrations, their impressions of the positives and negatives of our business.

This Home Buyer Seminar is a result of our extensive research to find out what today's homebuyers expect from a realtor, and what kind of help they really want and need. It's based upon questions that we hear most frequently... questions that come from people just like you with concerns and desires much like yours.

And it offers you straight answers, with some inside tips and "plain english explanations to help you feel more comfortable and confident about your home buying decisions.

If you're like most Americans, owning a home of your own is a major part of the American dream. That's why we strive ourselves in helping you understand the steps you have to follow to reach that dream. Homeownership is a big responsibility, one that you will most likely accept for many years to come.

Within This "Online Home Buyer Seminar" you'll learn:

  • The Advantages/Disadvantages Of Homeownership!
  • A Simple Breakdown Of The Home Buying Process!
  • The 10 Most Common & Costly Mistakes Home Buyer's Make!
  • The First Steps to A Successful Home Purchase!
  • How Much Money You Will Need To Buy A Home!
  • Home Loans At A Glance!
  • The Breakdown Of A Mortgage Payment!
  • How To Understand Your Credit Report And What The Effects Of It Are!
  • How To Figure Out Your Debt To Income Ratio And What This Means To Lenders!
  • Moving On To Finding Your Dream Home!
  • Where To Begin The Process!
  • What Information To Gather And Where To Get It!
  • The Sales Agreement & Presenting Your Offer! 
  • The Imprtance Of A Home Inspection And Why You Should Have One!
  • The Benefits/Drawbacks Of Building A New Home!
  • Selecting The Right Moving Company!
  • How To Ease The Pain Of Moving Your Children!
  • Kevin Shaner's Team And Services And How We Will Benefit You!
  • And Much More!!!

Make sure you're informed and have a strong roadmap to follow that will help you make the most out of your new home! Get these insider tips sent directly into your email inbox daily and get ready to move into your new home!

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