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Kevin Shaner's Home Seller's Advantage Program...  
Where We Guarantee to Market Your Home For More, and In More Places!

For most people the sale of their home is one of the five most important financial transactions of their entire life. Who you select to represent you in this transaction can help, or hurt you, when it comes to getting what you deserve from the sale of your home. The information provided here, will be your guide to help you make the right choice in a Realtor... that will do all they can for YOU!

Many Realtors think their most important job is satisfying the customer. I don't belive in working with customers; I believe in taking care of our clients! What's the difference?

Customer: A person who purchases a good or service from another.

Client: A person that depends on the protection of another!

I belive that satisfying the customer is simply the minimum requirement for staying in the business. My staff and I work constantly to improve our systems, processes, and services to go well beyond the standard level of service provided by most Realtors, and to provide care and direction for our clients!

Our team is built on a strong foundation of core values and purpose. Our team aims to create a fun, exciting and challenging enviroment of teamwork to help everyone achieve their goals. Each member of our team is dedicated to teamwork, continuing self improvement, positive attidues and most important family. The passion for client service comes first with every person that walks through our door.

Our main objective is to get you the most amount of money, in the least amount of time, and with the least amount of hassles. We strive to provide you with the best service in the industry while keeping you informed about every aspect along the way.

There are many factors invloved in selling a home. It reallys boils down to aggressive marketing, a sound pricing strategy, knowing the numerous options that are avilable to you, and finally, having an agent who has an intense interest in your well-being above and beyond anything else!

Why Most Homeowners Don't Use The Same Real Estate Agent Twice!

According to the National Association of Realtors, Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 69% of all homeowners DO NOT go back to the same Realtor! Why?

  1. Lack of Communication
  2. Too Many Promises and Nothing Delivered
  3. Little to No Marketing of Their Home
  4. Priced Their Home Unrealistically
  5. Hard to Get In Contact With
  6. No Advice on How to Stage Their Home
  7. Less Experienced Than What They Appeared
  8. Most Buyers Weren't Qualified
  9. Lack of Professionalism
  10. Promised a Selling Price Far From Reality
  11. Didn't Show Their Home
  12. Too Busy
  13. Didn't Listen to What They Wanted
  14. Poor Negotiation Skills
  15. Sold Home For A Much Lower Price
  16. Left Out Important Details Concerning The Process
  17. Lack of Representation
  18. Too Pushy
  19. Home Didn't Sell
  20. Didn't Do Anything I Couldn't Have Done

For these very reasons, we have strived to offer the most comprehensive home selling system available today. As you will learn here, our program is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident when you decide to hire our team. We offer innovative programs, guaranteed personalized services, and essential marketing systems that are sure to exceed your expectations!

How to Recognize Effective Real Estate Practices

The most succesful real estate agents only focus on what works. For over 9 years, I have researched and developed systems that are proven to get results. We are always looking for the new and innovative ideas to help you get the most out of your home selling experience. We will...

  1. Advertise the property where we can generate the most buyer interest
  2. Build maximum buyer interest through our large inventory of high impact yard signs throughout the community, and a team of full time Realtors to make it easy and convenient for buyers to get what they want, when they want it.
  3. Create an effective off-line marketing strategy using full-color two sided property brochures, select print media, and targeted direct mail campaigns to both the public, as well as the real estate agent community.
  4. Download your listing on the most respected and prominent real estate websites including,,,,,, as well as the local MLS web site and Board of Realtors Multiple Listing System, to create an intense iterest from agents and buyers at large.
  5. Entice top Realtors throughout the community via our extensive Real Estate Professional Marketing Campaign.
  6. Funnel large groups of buyers who actively drive neighborhoods looking for open houses, to your home using special directional signs and advertisements to get buyers through your door.

Keep in mind, top agents make strong promises of action and service, then back them up in writing insure accountability to their sellers. They have highly efficient teams of trained professionals in place to take care of you throughout the entire real estate transaction.

With the Kevin Shaner Home Selling Team, you will find a highly efficient and focused team ready to do all they can to get your home sold.

Kevin Shaner's 4-Point Guaranteed Results Marketing Approach!

Throughout this guide, you will see that we strive to Guarantee Our Results. This way we can focus on getting you a successful sale for your home, instead of having you constantly wondering what we're doing to sell your home. Everything we do, from Marketing to Communication, is backed by our personal written guarantee of performance. Our team makes the possiblility of getting your home sold fast, and for top dollar, a REALITY! 

  1. Home Analysis: Together, we will review your home to determine what the outstanding features are. We will go over staging ideas that will appeal to almost any buyer, as well as go over market information to price your home correctly.
  2. Marketing and Advertising: We want to work with you to develop a custom strategy and approach to put your home in front of as many ready-to-buy buyers as possible. You will have input when developing your personal marketing strategy and be informed about the progress along the way.
  3. Design and Deliver: Marketing your home is our responsibility... we will design advertisements, property brochures, emails, flyers and signage that will deliver the best message about your home. If there is something you want us to develope for your home, let us know what you want... and we WILL DELIVER!
  4. Multi-Media Marketing: We guarantee to market your home for more, and in more places. Our multiple media sources are proven to effectively and aggressively advertise your home to the most amount of qualified buyers. This includes 3 Proven Prgrams which correspond with our 12 Essential Marketing Systems:

    1. 3 Proven Programs
      1. Innovative Consumer Programs
      2. Aggressive Print Advertising Programs
      3. Leading Edge Technology Programs
    2. 12 Essential Marketing Systems:
      1. Multiple Listing Service
      2. Branded Advertising
      3. 30+ Websites
      4. Guaranteed Services
      5. Display Advertisements
      6. Directional Signs
      7. Email Blasts to Clients and Agents
      8. Virtual Home Tours
      9. Direct Mail Campaigns
      10. Aggressive Online Marketing
      11. Full Color Property Flyers
      12. Direct Contact with our VIP Buyers

Innovative Consumer Programs

  1. Unique Guaranteed Services: Everything we do we put in writing for you!
  2. 100% Risk Free Services: All of our services are backed by our "Raving Fan" Guarantee!
  3. Buyer's Advantage Program: Your home will be immediately advertised to our large pool of homebuyer prospects!
  4. Cash Offer Now Program: With our many investor clients, we may have someone interested in purchasing your home today!
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