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How to Give Your Home More Sales Appeal... Quick & Easy Steps to Take!

CloseUp02.jpgWhen you are selling your home, you have to stand back and think like a buyer! Is your home as presentable as it can/should be?  

People often start forming their opinion even before they walk in the front door. Once they're in your home, it only takes a minute for them to form a lasting impression. 

Follow these simple steps for your home to look its best for broker preview, buyer showings, and open houses. Many enhancements can more than pay for themselves in stronger offers from buyers!

Remember to look at your house through "The Buyer's Eye's"!

First Steps To Take:

  • Clean all windows, walls and bathrooms!
  • Paint walls in need of a fresh coat!
  • Fix any worn woodwork such as railings, window sills and trim!
  • Clean or replace carpeting!
  • Create the look of large storage areas and utility spaces by removing any unnecessary items.
  • Remove miscellaneous items and neatly organize kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, garage area, basements and attic spaces!
  • Make closets appear adequate by properly hanging clothes and placing shoes, hats and other items in an orderly fashion… remove items if necessary!
  • Fix any loose doorknobs, sticking drawers, warped cabinet doors, holes in screens, windows that don’t work, etc…
  • Spend some time fixing up things that could potentially detract from your home’s value. Prospective buyers will look at a leaky faucet and think that your home has faulty plumbing.
  • Make sure all of your appliances work properly!

Maintain For Each Showing: 


  • The exterior of your home should have “Curb Appeal”!
  • Keep your lawn mowed and edged, shrubs trimmed and flower beds cultivated.
  • Sweep or remove snow & ice from your walkway.
  • Pick up lawn tools, toys, and newspapers.
  • Clean the areas associated with your pets.


  • Pick up all miscellaneous items such as toys, shoes, etc…
  • Make beds and put clothes away.
  • Tidy up your bathrooms; set out show towels if possible.
  • Do a quick dusting.
  • Give your carpets a thorough vacuum.
  • Straight rugs, empty waste baskets, and clean up sinks.


  • Open your drapes and shades and turn on all lights to make your home look light and bright.
  • Open windows, if weather permits, to freshen up rooms.
  • Set your thermostat to a comfortable temperature.
  • Turn off your television & play soft background music.
  • Keep pets out of the way, and make sure all pet areas like the litter box are cleaned free of odors. Use fresheners if needed.

Added Touches:

  • Prepare tables with flowers and place settings.
  • Start a fire in your fireplace on a chilly day.
  • Create a pleasant home aroma by using candles.

Special Tips For Showings:

  • Secure your jewelry, cash, prescription medications, and other valuables.
  • It is usually best of you leave while your house is being shown. If you’re home, don’t follow the agents and their clients around. They know their buyers and can best emphasize the most fitting features of your home.
  • Please save all business cards of agents who show your property.
  • If people, who are not accompanied by an agent, ask to see your home, please refer them to me so I can pre-screen them. If they’re interested… they won’t mind.
  • Do not discuss price, terms, possession, or any other factors with buyers or their agents. Refer them to me. We are better able to bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion as an intermediary third party.
  • It is also not a good idea to try to dispose of furniture to a prospect before an offer. Again, leave that to us.

As your Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Home Selling Specialists, we realize you are in the information gathering stage of your Home Sale or Purchase and we respect your privacy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you, or anyone you know, is looking to buy or sell a home, please note that we can provide detailed information and access to any home for sale in the Pittsburgh Real Estate Market.

You can count on Kevin Shaner and His Team to provide you with information you can trust. To schedule your free home selling consultation and your Free Home Evaluation, please contact us now. Once your property is ready for sale, we will market your home with the primary goal of selling it quickly, and for its maximum value.


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