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Kevin Shaner's Guaranteed Home Sale Program...  
I'll Sell Your Home In 89 Days, or I'll Sell It For FREE... Guaranteed!

If you're like most home sellers, you have two primary considerations in mind when you start thinking about selling your home. First, you obviously would like to get the most amount of money... who doesn't want to capitalize on their investment. Second, and sometimes even more importantly, you want to accomplish this task fairly quickly. One quick fact to take note of is, the longer a home sits on the market for, the less money you will realize from the sale.

Now let me show you how we can help you accomplish both these goals starting in the next 24 hours (or less)!

Let me first explain my 89 Day Home Sale Guarantee upfront, and then I'd like to show you how this unique guarantee fits into the larger picture of the unparalleled services that I offer to hundreds of home sellers in the area... services you simply can't find anywhere else in the Pittsburgh area.

   Here's how my 89 Day Home Sale Guarantee works:

Simply stated, I'll put in writing upon listing your home for sale that I guarantee you an acceptable offer within the first 89 days of your listing term, or I'll Sell Your Home For FREE... 100% GUARANTEED! That's pretty straightforward... isn't it? And what this means to you is that you are guaranteed to get an acceptable offer on your home within a fairly short period of time. You can relax knowing that I have no choice but to perform for you, or my time and effort will cost you absolutely nothing at all upon closing!

You see, I SPECIALIZE in helping homeowners just like you, sell their homes for the highest amount of money... within the shortest amount of time. 

In fact, my listings sell:

  •  At 98% On Average Of Our Suggested List Price...

  • And In An Average of Only 68 Days!

  • These Statistics Are Based Off of Over 140 Homes Sales Our Team Completed in 2014

I have a unique program that I call my VIP Seller Service. When becoming a member of my program you will expect to receive...

  • A FREE Comprehensive Market Analysis. Which will explain in detail what you will expect to realize from the sale of your home and in what kind of time frame you will expect it to sell in.

  • A FREE copy of Kevin Shaner's Home Seller's Guide! Which is over 30 pages of Hints, Tips, Facts and Insider Secrets that will help you sell your home quickly, and for the highest amount of money!

  • A FREE copy of Kevin Shaner's Guide To Giving Your Home More Sales Appeal... A Few Quick & Easy Steps To Take To Sell Your Home For More!

  • A FREE copy of Kevin Shaner's 60+ Step Home Selling Program which explains in detail exactly what my team will do to get your home sold!

  • Access to My 100% Risk FREE Real Estate Services. You can relax knowing that you're not locked into a lengthy listing contract.

  • Access to My Client Communication Guarantee. Which solves the #1 biggest complaint that home sellers make about their agent.

  • And last, but certainly not least, a written guarantee that I will sell your home within 89 days... or I'll sell it for FREE... 100% Guaranteed!

You can now become a VIP Seller and gain AUTOMATIC access to a number of really important benefits (including my 89 Day Home Sale Guarantee) that you simply can not find anywhere else in the Pittsburgh area... and the best part is that all of the services that I provide are 100% Risk Free for you to take advantage of! How many real estate agents and companies have enough confidence in their services to make this kind of stand? Why don't you call around and find out!

Go ahead and register today to become a VIP Seller and lets work together at getting your home sold quickly... and for the highest amount of money! Simply just fill out the form below...


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