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What Are The Most Important Factors When It Comes To Selling My Home?

  • Condition
    • Location
      • Market
        • Terms
          • Price

Your home will sell at the highest profit and in the quickest amount of time when all the ingredients are combined perfectly. If only one ingredient is left out of the formula, or is out of proportion to the others… 

Your home will take longer to sell and will, quite possibly cost you money!

Location: The pricing of your home must reflect it’s location. The better the location, the higher the acceptable price will be. School districts, high or low traffic conditions, freeway accessibility, all need to be considered in determining the value of your home’s location.

Condition: The pricing of your home must accurately reflect its condition. The general upkeep and presentation of your home is critical to obtaining the highest value for your home. Condition of the roof, plumbing, carpeting and paint all relate to the condition. Basic rule of thumb: If we can smell it… we can’t sell it!

Market: Recession, inflation, interest rates, mortgage availability, competition and the public’s perception of the general economy all make up the market. It may be a Buyer’s Market or a Seller’s Market. The pricing of your home must reflect the current nature of the market because we cannot influence market conditions. We can, however, take advantage of the market.

Terms: The more financing terms and options you accept, the more potential buyers there will be for your property. The pricing of your home must reflect the terms available. The easier the terms, the more valuable your property becomes. (And here is where my team of professional affiliates really shine through. Offering a broad, full spectrum of mortgages and options to both you and all potential buyers!)

As your Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Home Selling Specialists, we realize you are in the information gathering stage of your Home Sale or Purchase and we respect your privacy. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. If you, or anyone you know, is looking to buy or sell a home, please note that we can provide detailed information and access to any home for sale in the Pittsburgh Real Estate Market.

You can count on Kevin Shaner and His Team to provide you with information you can trust. To schedule your free home selling consultation and your Free Home Evaluation, please contact us now. Once your property is ready for sale, we will market your home with the primary goal of selling it quickly, and for its maximum value.


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