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Who Will You Choose To Get Your Home Sold?

If you make the wrong choice you could cost yourself thousands of dollars (potentially tens of thousands) and months of mental anguish, painful frustration, and intense heartache.

I know it sounds like a "doomsday" prediction. But it happens all too often. People like you decide they're going to sell and they list with a relative, a friend, or the first Realtor they talk to. Surveys show that 62% of home sellers list with the first agent they contact. WOW!!!
      It's risking way to much!
Many times it can wind up in this huge botched up mess that costs the homeowners thousands of dollars and months of extreme frustration. On top of that sometimes a close friendship can get destroyed. All because the homeowners went with the wrong agent.
      The first question you should ask...
Now these are frank questions... Should you trust a relative, a friend, or the first agent you talk to with your single largest investment? Is it wise? Another question you should ask is, would you invest in a business venture with this person?
That's the way you need to look at selling your home. It's a business venture. When you enter the market to sell your home... you're in business. You're in the business of selling your home. And the person you choose should be a worthy business partner.
      There are two basic types of agents. Use good judgment and choose wisely.
Here's a definition of both types of agents so you can see why this is so critical. For your own well being, try to see this as purely a pragmatic business decision.
      First there's the...
Salesperson - An agent who puts a sign in your yard, puts your home on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), shows your home a few times and hopes. Someone who gets 20-25 new calls a month. (Based on industry surveys, the average agent generates 21.7 new calls per month.)
      Then there's the...
Marketing Strategist - The agent who is a good salesperson but also understands the importance of high-impact advertising, uses innovative new marketing technology, and aggressively markets your property to generate hundreds of inquiries. With hundreds of inquiries, the marketing strategist increases the odds of selling your home exponentially.
Let me give you a real life example of my marketing strategy in action. Last month, my marketing strategies generated 137 new calls! That's 137-interested new prospects in just one month alone! I generate this kind of activity month-in, month-out... month after month after month!
The average agent in our market, combining all their advertising and promotional efforts, generates 20-25 calls per month. That means I generate 5-6 times as many new interested new prospects as the average real estate "salesperson" in our market. Why? Because, I focus on marketing strategy... not gimmicky sales tactics. I'm a real estate "marketing strategist". With 5-6 times as many interested new prospects, doesn't it make sense that I would have a much higher probability of selling your home faster & for more money? It's supply and demand!
      So how do I do it?
            Well here's an example of one of my ads...
      Notice anything different about my ad?
First, it offers "Recorded Information". Second, it's easily accessible "24 hours a day". This approach does two things. It removes your prospect's sales resistance and it makes it ultra-easy and convenient. It's 24 hour-a-day advertising that anyone has EASY access to!
      Does this really work?
Well you be the judge. Again last month alone I generated 137 interested new prospects... does it work? Yeah, it works! It works like a charm.
Now, here's the absolute best part! Every time a prospect calls, my recorded information service captures their phone number and pages me with it, in just 15 seconds!
Think about that for a second. That means I reach your prospect before any other agent has even the slightest chance to talk with them. It's like being ten yards from the finish line and the competition hasn't even realized it's a race. Are you and I going to win? Sure we are... because we'll reach your prospect first. Plus, with the soft, gentle, service-minded way I follow up, people absolutely love this service!
Marketing a home takes more than just sticking a sign in your yard and putting your property on the MLS... any agent can do that! It takes aggressive, innovative marketing to sell your home successfully in today's market place!
There are only so many buyers out there who are ready and able to purchase your home. So, if you want to sell your home quickly and for the most amount of money, you need high-impact marketing!
      I can give that to you!!!
So I urge you to act now and call in to listen to your Free Recorded Message on how to our Unique Home Selling Program may just be the option you're looking for!
Call 1-800-356-3861 Ext. 2045 for your Free Recorded Message!
And remember, all the risk is on us and not on you!
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